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Having fun with lasers is far from being limited to adults only. 

This is exactly why I decided to dedicate an article listing the best laser tag sets of 2020. Laser tag is surely THE most entertaining and family-friendly activity you can do with lasers.

Laser tag has had a massive boost in popularity during the last few years. I suspect that this has something to do with the phenomenal rise of Fortnite

As you know, I have two boys of my own. And, let me tell you this, having a real-life Battle Royale in the backyard is one of their favorite outdoor activities. 

Yes, they love it even more than the virtual Battle Royale games. And, getting my boys off their phones acquires some herculean efforts. For kids, laser tag is like catnip to cats. Kids just love the stuff! Being a freak for lasers myself, it is only natural that I often join in their laser tag sessions.

Oh, and by the way, laser tag is not limited to kids. This game is severely underrated as a party game for adults. Mix together some of your best friends, a few drinks, and a laser tag set. An unforgettable night is guaranteed!

There is a great amount of play-at-home laser tag sets available, this is why I decided to compile a buying guide for the first-timers. All these sets are family-friendly, offer great value-for-money, and will provide healthy and active entertainment for ages.

Without further ado, let’s get blasting.

These are the best laser tag sets available in 2020:

Best overall: “Laser Battle Guns & Vests – Four Pack” from Armogear

Best cheap laser tag set: “Laser Gun Tag Game 4 Pack” from Kidzlane

Best Nerf laser tag: “Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack” from Nerf

A fun laser tag set with a voice-coach: “Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set” from Laser X

Best for solo play: “Dynasty Toys Family Laser Tag Set” from Dynasty Toys

Best overall: “Laser Battle Guns & Vests – Four Pack” from Armogear

Price: $119.99 on Armogear

What’s included: 4 infrared laser guns, 4 infrared laser vests

Key features: built-in night vision mode, 150-200ft range, voice-control mode, ergonomic design, realistic sound effects

This laser tag set from Armogear is legendary. It has provided my household with countless hours of laughter, physical activity, and priceless memories.

So, let’s take a quick look into what separates this bad boy of a set from its many competitors.  

Right off the bat, you will be impressed with how well-crafted both the guns and the vests are. You will also notice just how detail-heavy the guns look. 

But, the real fun begins once you realize how much functionality this laser tag set offers.

How about a game of laser tag in a pitch-black backyard? Hell yeah, just use the night-vision mode and you are good to go. How about a real-life Battle Royale? Why not, there are four guns and vests included. Enough for an unforgettable real-life survival campaign

Oh, and the sound effects are also worthy of highlighting.

Trust me, the quality of the sound effects is not a minor little detail. Especially if you are dealing with pre-teens or teenagers. One cheesy sounding effect could be the difference between you being the parent-of-the-year or a fool buying their kids kindergarten-level stuff.

All in all, it is nearly impossible to find a fault in this laser tag set. It provides a tremendous variety of functions, is well crafted, and has a great value-for-money ratio. 

Best cheap laser tag set: “Laser Gun Tag Game 4 Pack” from Kidzlane

Price: $59.99 on Kidzlane

What’s included: 4 high-quality laser tag guns

Key features: four different gun modes, interactive lives bar on the gun

Pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and a rocket launcher. These are the four different gun settings included in this laser tag set from Kidzlane. The different modes come with different “power levels.” Some guns are more powerful than others. Just like in real life! Plenty of options, plenty of fun!

And, this laser tag set has other strong points as well. 

For example, I love that the lives bar is neatly displayed on the gun. This makes the scores of the game non-disputable. A super important option if you are dealing with a competitive bunch. Why? Well, mid-game arguments during laser tag have proved fatal to several friendships of my sons.

I wish I was joking.

This set comes without vests. Instead, the opponent’s blaster acts as the target in the game. Does this mean that the set is of lesser quality?


In my opinion, the vest is not that much of a necessity in laser tag. In fact, lots of people prefer the comfort of playing without vests.

Let’s sum this up. 

Compared to the set from Armogear, it is a somewhat more basic set with fewer functions. However, as far as quality is concerned, it is still one of the best laser tag sets currently available. The guns are very durable and the range of the shot is quite good. Plus, the lives bar is a very solid, potentially friendship-saving addition.

Best Nerf laser tag: “Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack” from Nerf

Price: $66.40 on Amazon

What’s included: Two interactive laser tag guns

Key features: eye-catching design, possibility of choosing the amount of lives, recoil effect

Nerf guns are probably the worst nightmare of many parents. Those darned rubbery bullets everywhere! But, kids simply love the stuff. 

It is no coincidence, then, that Nerf guns are a staple of all self-respectable toy stores across the world. But, did you know that Nerf also produces some very solid laser tag guns?

As with the regular Nerf devices, the first thing you will notice is the eye-catching and colorful design of the guns. So, if your kids are one for glitzy and cool-looking shooters, this is your best pick.

The second major strong point of this laser tag set is the possibility of choosing the amount of hits a player can take. To be more precise, players can choose between having 10 or 25 lives.

As other best laser tag guns, the “Phoenix” is fully interactive. What do I mean? Well, every time you get tagged, the device vibrates. And, every time you fire, there is a neat little recoil effect. Fun, fun, fun!

All in all, this is yet another home run from Nerf. The only qualm I have with the product is that it comes in a two-pack. So, if you are dealing with a bigger group of children, better order two packages right away. Or else you will be dealing with some pretty intense fights regarding who gets to play first.

A fun laser tag set with a voice-coach: “Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set” from Laser X

Price: $114.99 on Amazon

What’s included: 2 laser tag guns, 2 receiver vests

Key features: an interactive voice coach, maximum shooting range of 200ft, headphone compatibility

At first glance, this laser tag set looks quite simple. But, as you know, looks are often deceiving. Performance wise, this product from Laser X is one of the best laser tag sets available.

Let me give you a quick rundown on the unique features of this set. For one, at 200ft, it has the longest shooting range of all play-at-home laser tag guns. Quite the distance!

But, this baby shines in more ways than one. Did you notice that I listed an interactive voice coach as being the key feature of the this laser tag set?

What is it? It is exactly you think it is. An interactive “coach” that gives you tips and feedback during the game.  Slightly ridiculous? Yes. Do kids and tipsy adults love it? YES!

In a nutshell, this is among the most unique and well-performing laser tag sets available. It provides a thoroughly engaging laser tag experience for kids and adults alike. Plus, the guns are tough as nails, my son dropped one of the guns from my balcony. To my astonishment, this bad boy survived without a scratch.

Impressive? You bet.

Best for solo play: “Dynasty Toys Family Laser Tag Set” from Dynasty Toys

Price: $63 on Amazon

What’s included: 4 laser tag blasters, 1 robotic spider

Key features: includes a robot spider for practice

Lets finish the list with the only laser tag set potentially suitable for solo use. How come?

Well, take a look at the key features. A robot-spider? Huh? This rechargeable bug is intended for practice purposes and provides all sorts of fun, even if you are playing alone.

When the little bugger gets hit, he turns upside down. Bullseye!

I have often seen my kids and their friends ditch the original game to take turns shooting the spider. So, from my experience, this set is a sort of two-in-one game. A laser tag set and a shooting range game.

The set itself has four shooting modes, a lives bar on the side, and a maximum range of about 130 ft. So, feature-wise, quite an average set.

However, that darned spider! The pure fun-factor from shooting the little monster compelled me to add this laser tag set to this list.


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