People sometimes use laser sights on their weapons. A laser sight is a small device that emits a thin, visible red or green light beam (the light itself is invisible to the naked eye). Laser sights are attached to firearms for either practical or tactical reasons. These beams enable shooters to see where bullets will hit before they fire them.

Before we look at the pros and cons of using laser sights, let us examine how they work.

A laser sight works by attaching a small device that emits a thin beam to your firearm. Lasers come in several different colours such as red or green, and some models even have more than one colour available for use. Scopes, flashlights and even certain types of sights can be altered to emit a laser beam rather than a light from the muzzle so anyone with these additions can use them for this purpose.

Laser sights have been used for years in police work besides other government agencies such as military or special forces. Laser sights are useful in several ways making them a popular choice for many people who want to use a firearm.

Pros of Using Laser Sights

Cons of Using Laser Sights


Pros of Using Laser Sights

A well-chosen sight can improve your aim instantly

The following are the 5 key benefits of using laser sights on firearms:

• A laser sight improves accuracy by helping the shooter obtain a clearer view of the target.

• Using laser sights is an effective way of judging distance or bullet drop. You can see exactly where your bullets will hit.

• Laser sights have been known to be very effective when used in low-light or dim conditions because the beams are much easier to see than bullets themselves.

• Another benefit of laser sights is that they have a very fast reaction time.

• Laser sights are not only useful outdoors but indoors as well because of their ability to make quick adjustments and pinpoint accuracy that normal eyes cannot achieve.

Laser sights are not all perfect though. There are some disadvantages of using them that people must be aware of before they make a decision on whether to purchase one or not. Let us look at some of the disadvantages of using laser sights on firearms.

Cons of Using Laser Sights

In wind like this, a laser sight will get you nowhehere

• Cost – Laser sights cost more than iron sights.

• Batteries might need replacement often. Battery life should be one the key things you look out for when choosing your sight.

• Accuracy – Laser sights are not very useful in extremely windy conditions.

• Dexterity – Laser sights can be cumbersome to switch on and off quickly.


Choose your scope well

As you see, there is no clear cut answer to whether laser sights are worth it or not.

But, I sincerely hope that it will help shooting enthusiasts decide whether laser sights are a worthy investment for them or not.


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